What Can You Expect During Your All-on-4®️ Treatment?

Step 1

A 3D scan is used during your initial oral examination. The health of your bone and gum tissue is determined to assure the effectiveness of the all on four procedure for your tooth loss.

Step 2

Your tooth function is restored by the placement of four dental implants at designated locations in your jawbone. After your bone and gum tissue heals your new set of permanent teeth will be secured to your implants. The healing period promotes the final phase necessary to restore your tooth function.

How to Achieve the Best Results from All-on-4®️ Treatment

Tooth loss places your oral health at risk. The All-on-4®️ procedure using dental implants provides you a new, full set of permanent teeth to restore your ability to chew and smile with confidence.

An Overview of Your All-on-4®️ Treatment

Oral examination

The health of your bone and gum tissue will be observed prior to beginning your treatment.

Placement of your dental implants and healing period

Four implants will be placed at strategic locations in your jawbone to secure your new teeth. A healing period allows your tissue to heal while your new teeth are being custom-designed. Following your procedure you will enjoy eating, chewing, and smiling with confidence.

So why not see if you’re a candidate?

Schedule your initial examination to discuss your tooth loss condition and to explore how the All-on-4®️ procedure can restore your full tooth function and smile.