What is the Tooth Replacement Procedure with All-on-4®️?

Restoring your tooth function and appearance with All-on-4®️ is a scientifically proven process. Your new set of permanent teeth restore your tooth function and appearance by placing four dental implants at specific locations in your upper and/or lower jaw.

Dental implants give your treatment the security needed for tooth replacement. Following your procedure you will be able to chew and smile with confidence.

It’s common for your All-on-4®️ procedure to be completed in one appointment. Receive the treatment details and how they fit your goals during your initial oral examination.

What Are Your Benefits When Choosing All-on-4®️?

Tooth loss impacts your overall health and how you eat, chew, and smile. You will receive a new set of permanent teeth and restored tooth function following your All-on-4®️ treatment.

At strategic locations in your upper or lower jaw four implants will be secured. Your All-on-4®️ treatment involves less cost and time than a standard dental implant procedure.

The All-on-4®️ tooth replacement significantly improves your lifestyle. You will have renewed confidence when eating, chewing, and smiling immediately following your treatment.

Facts About All-on-4®️

The erosion that is common with dentures is eliminated and your bone and gum tissue health is protected.

Your procedure can typically be completed in one day.

Dental implants hold your teeth securely and prevent them from moving, slipping, or falling out.

All-on-4®️ treatment will restore your confidence to eat, chew, and smile.

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